Casteel Agency is dedicated to helping our clients with all of their investigative needs.

We are experts in many areas: but not all. There are areas, which require services that we do not provide; we will offer links to reputable service providers in those areas when we have those connections available. We were originally just Private investigators in Birmingham Alabama and later branched in to Process servers in Birmingham Alabama as well. We also operate the Spy Pro Shop on Hwy 280 in Greystone. Spy Pro Shop is Birmingham's only LawMate authorized dealer and also carries Safewatch GPS and many other brands of tracking devices and covert cameras.

With interests in photography and videography and special training in electronics; Mr. Casteel was brought aboard the team at Mark II & Associates by Jim Daniel in 1989 and began his career as a private Investigator in Birmingham AL.

Jim Daniel was a former Birmingham Police officer who had build Mark II & Associates up from the ground creating one of the most aggressive and result driven surveillance companies in the state. Mr. Daniel was a great mentor and leader. Mr. Casteel inherited his commitment to excellence from Jim Daniel and Mark II & Associates and enjoyed the seven years that he had the privilege of working with the many Investigators at Mark II that each had their own areas of expertise and knowledge to share. In 1992 Jim Casteel joined the Alabama Professional Investigator's Association.

Having worked as an Investigator with ample experience and training in Surveillance, records research, Child Custody cases, Divorce cases and Injury Fraud cases and charged with the responsibility of training new investigators; Jim Casteel, having become an expert in field surveillance, Left Mark II in 1996 to operate his own detective Agency. For the following five years, having started up a company known as Altima Investigations, Mr. Casteel tested his interest in Product liability investigations, Internal theft, missing persons, drug and substance abuse cases and undercover drug operations. Mr. Casteel has had the pleasure of working close together with law enforcement in theft stings (Birmingham P.D.), missing persons cases and lengthy undercover drug operations where Mr. Casteel worked in deep cover inside factories to weed out employees who sold drugs on company time and property (Calhoun County Drug Task force and Anniston P.D).

In 2001 Jim Casteel Formed The Casteel Agency (Current legal name is Casteel & Associates LLC). The Casteel Agency strives to assist people whose lives are turned upside down as a result of divorce or Child Custody issues. The Casteel agency specializes in surveillance in both domestic and corporate cases (Injury fraud, child custody, divorce, cohabitation, internal theft etc.)   The Casteel Agency has numerous different types of cameras ranging from the smallest covert cameras made to the best low light Pro-summer cameras that we have found on the market. In addition we have a large variety of equipment which includes Micro and multiple channel DVRs, audio scrambles, telephone recording equipment (Laws prohibit recording conversations that you are not a party to and in many state even conversations you are a party to without consent of the other party or parties. please consult an attorney before considering the use of any telephone or audio recording equipment.) GPS tracking equipment, computer and cell phone forensic software and much more.

Jim Casteel has built an excellent reputation in the legal community and upholds the highest standards and ethics. Jim served his profession as the President of the Alabama Private Investigator's Association from 2013 to 2017 and curently serves the consumer on the Alabama Private Investigator's Regulatory Board. Because it is to easy to build your own reviews on Google and other search engines, The Casteel agency ask their clients to post references on linked-in or Angie's List so please visit both.

Jim Casteel is currently:

Licensed in Alabama,Texas and Florida

The Past President of the Alabama Private Investigator's Association (A.P.I.A.)

Board Member of the Alabama Private Investigator's Regulatory Board.

A standing member of the National Association of Investigative Specialist (N.A.I.S.)

A member of the Council of Association leaders.

A member of the Florida Association of Legal Investigators.

Member at large of the N.C.I.S.S


Jim Casteel and The Casteel Agency would like to thank the following people who have all Helped Jim though out the past 23 years in training and experience.

Jim Daniel :    ( Investigator, mentor, great leader)

Eddie Frederick :   (Former Investigator, Active Police Chief)

Laurice Tatum :    (Former member of Mark II Investigative team, Former F.B.I.)

Kevin Ripa  :   (Class Speaker: Cellular Devices, Truth and Lies about hacking and monitoring & Cyber Warfare)

Allen Stidger :    (Class Speaker:(The 4th Amendment and GPS Tracking)

Rob Schroader :    (Class Speaker:Digital Forensics)

Bill Mitchell :    (Class Speaker: Smooth Sailing in Troubled Waters of Marital Cases)

Reggie Montgomery :    (Class speaker: How to be an Expert Witness)

Michele Stuart :   (Class Speaker: Online Security & Investigative Techniques)

Warren Mack :    (Class Speaker: Kung-Fu Computer Forensics)

Joshua McAfee:    (Instructor: McAfee institute - Social Medea Investigations Certificate Course)

On a Personal Note:

Jim Casteel Is a 31 year resident of the Birmingham area. Raised as a military dependent of his Texas born and raised father; Jim grew up primarily overseas on military bases in Portugal, Libya, and Guam.

Jim and wife, have raised three children and are know enjoying their grandchildren in their spare time.

Jim and wife, Betty have been active with A.P.I.A. and was involved the efforts that passed the Bill through the State Legislature to help implement a license standard in the state of Alabama that helps to protect consumers against fraud and misrepresentation. The Bill was passed in April of 2013 and the new law went into effect May of 2014.

Jim and Betty Casteel are on the following association committee's:

Governmental Affairs:

Certification & Standards:

Education & training:

Visit the Alabama Private Investigator's Association website for information and member verification at:        www.apia-online.com

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